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 Easy to find, Connection Device Check

Using this "Connection Device Check", the connection evaluation with connection devices and tools such as PLC, and our company display machine can be checked.
If you select [Connection device maker] -> [Series] -> [CPU] in order, can see a result by list.

-- Attention --
- Since there are cautions, a restriction matter, etc., Please be sure to confirm "Connection manual (*1)" of issue of our company for details.
- Respectively link unit, a specific connection option, a specific cable, etc. are needed to each connection.
- An I/F unit may be needed, it may be restricted to connection of a large-sized type.

*1 Member registration (Free) is needed for download use of Manual PDF.

Please check to goods to see.(Multiple selection is available.)
If products are not selected and follow a screen, you can see the result about all the commodity.

GP70 Series GP77R Series GP2000 Series GP377 Series
FactoryGateway GLC100 GLC300 GLC2000
ST400 ST401 ST402 ST403

Connection Device Check
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manufacture name
Select series
Select CPU
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- GP Series
- Simple Touch
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